Child-Friendly Summer Olympics

Everyone at Redleaf Press® is buzzing with anticipation for the start of the Summer Olympics. Why not join in on the fun and create your own Olympic games with children? Check out these ideas:

Opening Ceremony

Kick off your Olympic games with a dance presentation from One, Two, What Can I Do? Dance and Music for the Whole Day.


Let children challenge their developing muscles and balance. Use these easy-to-follow instructions from Do-It-Yourself Early Learning: Easy and Fun Activities and Toys from Everyday Home Center Materials to make your own balance beam.

Track and Field

Set up a fun obstacle course where children can practice their motor skills. Use these ideas from Brain-Based Early Learning Activities: Connecting Theory and Practice.


All athletes deserve nutritious snacks, so whip up these tasty fruit- and veggie-packed smoothies from The Early Sprouts Cookbook.

Tell us: What are your favorite Olympic events?

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