Soft White Snowflakes: A Song + Movement Activitiy for Preschoolers


Our annual Mitten Tree is up and we’ve begun decorating it with snuggly hats, hand-knitted scarves, and cozy winter wear. We’ll donate the decorations to a local women’s shelter in a couple of weeks.

With mittens on our minds, we thought it’d be fun to share a fun song that’s perfect for a wintry day.

This song (which can be found in More than Singing: Discovering Music in Preschool and Kindergarten) encourages children to move their whole bodies creatively as they imitate the snowflakes. You can also use it as a fingerplay with small-motor movements or include white paper doilies or snowflake cutouts. Children can drop paper snowflakes and watch them fall before imitating the movement, or they may hold them in their hands as they dance.

Soft White Snowflakes © 1996 by Sally Moomaw

They fell to the ground
They didn’t make a sound
Soft white snowflakes drifting down
Can you fall too without a sound?

Additional verses:
They swirled in the air…
They danced up and down…
They lay on the ground…
They blew left and right…
They melted in the sun…

Want more music activities? Check out More Than Singing — it’s filled with child-centered ideas for songs, rhythms, instrument making, music centers, and extensions into whole-language, science, and math.

Tell us: What are your favorite ways to stay warm on chilly winter days?

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