Simply Rhymes and Songs to Teach Kids about Earth Care

At the center of a child’s moral development lies respect. To become kindly and to be able to withstand the hurtful behavior of others, children need to learn to place a high value on themselves, others, and their environment. Perhaps the most effective way to teach children respect is to show them respect, which includes caring for people and for our Earth.

Springtime is a great time to talk to children about the ways they can appreciate and take care of our Earth. Use these ideas from The Kindness Curriculum, Second Edition, by Judith Anne Rice, to help children develop respectful feelings as you support an environmentally friendly classroom.

Litterbug Poem

Litterbug, litterbug, that’s not nice.

Litterbug, litterbug, you better think twice.

Litterbug, litterbug, don’t you care?

Litterbug, litterbug, let’s be fair!

Sing to the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down”

Look for litter and pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.

Look for litter and pick it up,

Help our earth stay clean.

541242The Kindness Curriculum, Second Edition, provides a variety of new and revised experiences that strengthen the building blocks of positive character development. Children will enjoy the expression the activities encourage and the playfulness they provide as they learn about love, feelings and empathy, gentleness, self-control, respect, friendship, and conflict resolution. This edition includes activities that aim to prevent bullying before it starts by teaching young children about pro-social values in a peaceful classroom community.

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