5 Ways to Use Your New Redleaf Lane Poster

If you have already received your Fall 2013 Redleaf Press catalog in the mail, you probably noticed a little something extra in it — a poster featuring a scene from Evette’s Invitation, one of the new children’s books being released under our new imprint, Redleaf Lane. We thought the poster (illustrated by the very talented Joseph Cowman) was the perfect way to share our excitement over one of our latest projects, and we hope you like it!

Hanging the poster on a wall in your classroom or child care program is a perfectly acceptable use, but we also thought of a few more ways you can use it:

  1. Laminate or frame it, and then use a dry-erase marker to announce the daily menu/lunch or snack time helper/any other message.
  2. Play I Spy with the children using items you see on the poster.
  3. Use it for a game of Pin the Broccoli on the Kids.
  4. Use the illustration to jump-start a discussion. Ask the children what they think each of the characters might be feeling. Have the children create a story based on what they notice in the illustration.
  5. Use it as a reminder to order a set of the new Redleaf Lane books for your early childhood setting!

If you do not yet receive Redleaf Press catalogs in the mail, we’d love to add you to our list! Sign up here.

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