National Bullying Prevention Month: The Kindness Pledge

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, a nationwide movement to raise awareness on the (unfortunately) widespread topic of bullying. Today, we’re sharing an activity from The Kindness Curriculum by Judith Anne Rice, a resource filled with activities designed to help children develop compassion for others. It aims to prevent bullying before it starts by teaching young children about positive, pro-social values in a peaceful and supporting classroom community. The activities provide simple, yet powerful, lessons that foster love, feelings and empathy, gentleness, self-control, respect, friendship, and conflict resolution.

Though bullying is not as prevalent in early childhood as it is in later years, the preschool years are a good time to teach children about loving values, which constitute the building blocks for positive character development. Activities that reinforce positive behavior — such as this simple activity — can serve as preemptive strikes against bullying.

The Kindness Pledge

From The Kindness Curriculum, Second Edition by Judith Anne Rice

Purpose: To teach children a ritual that reinforces kindness at home and in the classroom

Materials: None

Procedure: At the beginning of every class, ask the children to stand, raise their right hands, and recite this pledge:

I will be kind on this day and think good thoughts along the way.

541242The Kindness Curriculum, Second Edition by Judith Anne Rice, is available now. It is filled with group activities to create an atmosphere of acceptance, empowerment, and love in which children can seek out the goodness in themselves and each other. Try another activity from the book here.

Tell us: What acts of kindness have you seen among children lately? What do you do to prevent or respond to bullying in your classroom?

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