Brain Awareness Week: Activities for toddlers’ growing brains

Happy brain awareness week!

Sometimes we forget that children’s brains are a work in progress. They do not think the same way as adults and we must foster their development as we help them grow and mature. In the early years a child’s brain is making trillions of connections between brain cells. Although they will build on these connections throughout the rest of their life, they will never be creating as many as they do in the first five years of life.

The experiences and interactions a child has in the early years form the basis for the initial burst in brain development. So how do you foster healthy brain development in your everyday interactions? And remember to keep your cool when it feels like you are speaking two different languages?

What follows are a few fun facts and ideas from Brain Insight Cards by Deborah McNelis.

From More to Do While I’m Two 

Read it again

What I see

Play is best

I'm not so terrible

From Play with Me While I’m Three

One for everyone

Find the color

I can help

The same or different

Help a little one grow into one smart kid with these “fun and loving brain development activities”!

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