Happy #EarthDay 2015!

Happy Earth Day! It has now been 45 years since the first Earth Day was held and it is probably more important now than it was in 1970. The focus of Earth Day is the celebration of environmental education and inspiring environmental learning and stewardship of everyone.

For several generations we have been less connected to our environment than our ancestors, yet we have done much more to affect the current and future healthy of the environment than others. That responsibility of stewardship can start at a very young age and Earth Day is a great opportunity to plant that seed in children and start teaching some basics.

Have them investigate, examine, and take an active-physical-sensory approach to learning. With the right activities you not only get them outdoors, but develop social sensory, literacy, language, and a full range of other skills at the same time.

Here are a few ideas for environmental education activities perfect for little hands:

Berry painting

Climb the gully

Not doing your own event and want somewhere to see environmentalism in action? Check out the events at www.earthday.org. You will find lots of great organizations that are active year round.

Need more ideas? Here are a few of our favorite books . . .

Celebrate Nature

Early Activities   Nature sparks  Lens on outdoor

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