Have you said thank you to a teacher today? #teacherappreciationweek

According to Merriam-Webster a teacher is “a person or thing that teaches something; especially a person whose job is to teach students about certain subjects”. We are all teachers from time to time, but those that choose it as their life’s calling are truly special.

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we asked a few of our authors, teachers themselves, if they had any special memories of their teachers. Here are just a few that they shared

“One of my happiest school memories was building a computer in my third-grade class with our wonderful teacher, Mrs. Lieber. This was back in the 1970’s when a real computer was about as big as a cow, so we made our classroom computer out of a cardboard refrigerator box. We decorated the box with buttons and switches and then we took turns crawling inside, pretending to be the brain or hard drive of the computer. One student would write a question on a piece of paper and slip it through a slot in the box. The student inside the computer used a flashlight to read the question and write the answer, and then we would slide the paper out again. I remember answering questions about Abraham Lincoln when it was my turn.  Our class loved our computer and we loved Mrs. Lieber and her playful, creative ideas.”

 – Ann Gadzikowski, author of several books including the forthcoming Creating a Beautiful Mess

“I have a lot of memories of fabulous teachers who impacted my life in big ways, but there is not a single teacher who surpassed the impact one man had on my life…my father. He had an undergraduate degree in theology and a graduate degree in special education, but was unable to find a way to provide for a family of seven on a teacher’s salary. He was not a teacher by trade, but was a teacher by all other standards.

With Dad there were no dumb questions and not a single question he wouldn’t do his best to dig up answers to. He was the resident tutor and had seemingly endless patience with all five of his children. He was passionate about education and all five of his children are college graduates. Four of the five have completed graduate degrees. Two of his children teach in the public school system, and one is a homeschooling teacher. “

Amber Harris, author of Wisteria Jane

From all the memories and stories we received we came up with our own definition of teacher . . .


We would love to hear your stories about special teachers! Share in the comments or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@RedleafPress). And remember to thank the teachers in your life.

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