Emergency Medical Services for Children tips and resources

Children are not little adults and this is especially true when it comes to treating them in emergency medical situations. That is why EMSC (Emergency Medical Services for Children) has been working with medical facilities at the local, state, and national level since 1991 to make sure as many locations as possible are prepared and trained to work with children.

Today, May 20th, is the national Emergency Medical Services for Children day to help raise awareness of these efforts and increase funding for these important services. So what does this all have to do with you as a teacher, child care provider, or family?

A lot! The important emergency care actually starts before the medical experts arrive on scene. That is why EMSC advocates for everyone being prepared and knowledgeable about at least the most common and basic of accidents and first aid needs.

So here are a few easy things you can do to get prepared.

Create a basic First Aid kit (and keep it stocked)

first aid kit

Source: Redleaf Quick Guide Medical Emergencies in Early Childhood Settings (2007)

Teach children some of the basics of emergency protocol

  • who to call and what to say
  • where emergency contact information is located so first responders can find it
  • keep a list of allergies and immunizations handy and make sure care providers are aware

Great resources to keep on hand:

Guide to give to parents from Emergency Medical Services for Children 

Redleaf Quick Guide Medical Emergencies in Early Childhood Settings – new revised and updated edition available now!

Take care!

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