Teaching children the power of hello

FriendshipEveryone is heading back to school and child care which means it is time to meet new people and make new friends. For some children, that can be a scary idea and even if you aren’t shy there are times that being the first to say “hello” isn’t easy.

But that one simple word can hold a lot of power. It can be the beginning of a friendship. It can ease the other person’s anxiety and let them know that they belong. It can be the introduction to an opportunity that you may have missed.

To make it a smoother transition and help all the children in your care get to know each other here are a few easy ideas from The Kindness Curriculum.

Hi and Bye

From The Kindness Curriculum by Judith Anne Rice.

Fishing for Friends

From The Kindness Curriculum by Judith Anne Rice.

Activities such as these can make for a more enjoyable environment and helps teach children that it is polite to say “hi”. Hopefully, it can also ease their nerves and make it easier to introduce themselves as they get older and enter new situations . . . a simple introduction can open a lot of doors.

Here is to another year of new friendships! 

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