Celebrating second chances

“Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.”

~ Jacques Barzun

Teachers often feel like they are a world apart from other professions. Misunderstood. Overlooked. Undervalued.

Those emotions are why we were so excited to find out Holly Elissa Bruno’s newest book, The Comfort of Little Things: An Educator’s Guide to Second Chances, won the silver medal in the personal growth and motivation category of the Living Now book awards. award winner

This award program is designed to “honor those kinds of life-changing books” and “celebrate the innovation and creativity of books that enhance the quality of life”.

We see the amazing work teachers do daily and how they enhance the quality of life for every child and student they come in contact with. This honor brings that recognition to a wider audience and shows the valuable insights the profession can bring to all of us as students of life.

As Holly points out . . .

Life’s too short to do anything but enjoy it daily.

As hard-working educators dedicated to making a difference, however, it’s easy for us to become weighed down with work and worry. Burdened with the weight of too many responsibilities, we sometimes have trouble looking up. Being burdened, it’s hard for us to remember what it originally meant to educate: To draw out that which lies within. (Latin, educare) What lies within is our birthright to joy.

This book is about unburdening. It’s about looking up. It’s about choosing to take (and offer) as many second chances as our hearts can bear. It’s about reclaiming the joy and humor and passion that are rightfully ours, especially when our joy, humor, and passion are under threat. It’s about drawing out the promise that lies within you, me, and each person we touch.

As we do this, we find and share in all the little comforts awaiting us in our everyday lives.

             ~ From The Comfort of Little Things

We hope you will join us in saying “Congratulations” to Holly Elissa Bruno and all teachers for this second chance at the recognition you all deserve.

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2 Responses to Celebrating second chances

  1. Jo-Ann Spence says:

    Congratulations, Holly! Your hard work has helped so many and you have done it again. You are leaving a legacy of supporting, helping and caring that people will remember forever!

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