Practical tips for 4 common winter illnesses

As a caregiver of children you probably see your fair share of illness, especially in the winter months. Children are stuck indoors, spending their time close together, and, of course, they love to share everything, including germs!

The first step to fighting common winter illnesses is prevention. That means parents, families, and other caregivers need to be informed about the illness and how to head it off. The images below are great to share with them as we head into colder weather and germ sharing season.

The Common Cold


Cold infoEar Infections

Ear infections

Ear infection infoSore Throats

Sore throats

Sore throat infoThe Flu


Flu info

All of this information came from Hip on Health by Charlotte M. Hendricks, PhD, where you can find tons of practical and easy-to-understand information for a full range of common health topics for caregivers and families. Good luck this winter season and stay well!

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