Keeping your professional New Year’s resolutions

We are two weeks into the New Year already. Are you still keeping your resolutions? Or perhaps you still need to make a few.

Did you also make resolutions for your business or career in the New Year? Here are a few of the most popular professional resolutions and a few resources to help you keep them.

Financial health

The beginning of the year is when most people start thinking about taxes and financially planning for the year ahead. Early childhood education can be a complicated financial picture, especially if you run your own business.

A few resources to reduce the stress, keep you organized, and get you thinking about what you can do to improve for the year ahead:

Healthy eating

As an early childhood educator, you have the opportunity to teach young children about healthy habits that will help them throughout life. The best way to teach others is to model the behavior yourself and make it fun – teaching them to eat healthy can help you stick to your health resolutions too.

Make healthy eating tasty, enjoyable, and fun.

Rethinking nutritionRethinking Nutrition

Connect the science of nutrition to classroom practices. Aligned with MyPlate, each chapter also provides a series of examples that bring nutrition principles to life in early childhood settings.


Cooking is CoolCooking is Cool

More than 50 heat-free recipes packed with flavor and learning. As children read recipes, measure ingredients, and taste each dish, they build math and literacy skills, practice science process skills, and explore different food groups.


Garden HeroesGarden Heroes Activities

Packed full of nutrition education information and education-rich activities to make learning about healthy eating fun. Kid friendly recipes, fun trivia, and lots of activities across the curriculum.

Early Sprouts


Early Sprouts & The Early Sprouts Cookbook

A complete gardening and nutrition curriculum including tips for planting a garden, suggestions for involving children’s families, and recipes that children can help prepare.


5 minute fruit and veggies

5 Minute Fruit and Vegetable Activities

Quick, easy, and effective activities to fill extra minutes of class time. Divided into three different age levels, this collection of short activities is perfect for preschool, elementary, and middle/high school aged students. 


5 minute preschoolers

5 Minute Nutrition Activities for Preschoolers

Introduce, reinforce, and review lessons on nutrition with 50 classroom-tested activities. Each activity is a creative and fun learning experience for children. 


Revamp your care environment

Have you or the children gotten bored with the current environment? Maybe it is time to rethink and redesign your space. Design can play a huge role in engagement, enjoyment, and transitions.

Whether starting from scratch, redesigning an existing space, or taking it outdoors . . .


What are your 2016 goals and how are you getting there? Good luck!


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