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Avoiding burnout and Keeping Your Smile

As the winter wears on, you can see children get antsy to be outside and eventually for the school year to be over and summer vacation to begin. Truth be told the caregivers and educators are feeling the same cabin … Continue reading

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Sneak peek: Cultivating the Genius of Black Children

As the demographics of the country shift, it becomes increasingly important that educators meet the changing needs of a diverse group of young children. In her new book, Cultivating the Genius of Black Children: Strategies to Close the Achievement Gap in … Continue reading

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Show a little appreciation on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so many classrooms are celebrating this week, while still others will simply pass over the day in an effort to eliminate holidays from the classroom. As Julie Bisson notes in Celebrate!: An Anti-Bias … Continue reading

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Why Parent Engagement is more than a buzz word

Parent engagement is a hot topic in early childhood education and for good reason. The definition of parenting is different now than it was even a few years ago and that means it is an ever-evolving issue for educators.  One … Continue reading

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