Avoiding burnout and Keeping Your Smile

As the winter wears on, you can see children get antsy to be outside and eventually for the school year to be over and summer vacation to begin. Truth be told the caregivers and educators are feeling the same cabin fever and stress. So how do you, as the adult, keep your smile and passion for what you do? Keeping Your Smile

In the book Keeping Your Smile, author Jeff Johnson reminds all of us “to be mindful of choices and find time in our hectic days to take a deep breath now and then. We have to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, and not neglecting to meet our own needs.”

A few things to keep in mind:

  • It is okay to put yourself first now and then
  • Keep your goals and dreams in focus and continue to work towards them
  • We all make mistakes and all we can do is learn from them
  • Think positively and look for good in every situation
  • Go behind your comfort zone and take chances
  • Make sure you are living with passion and purpose

Keeping Your Smile is full of wonderful questions and ideas to get you thinking about what is not working for you right now and how you can make it better. One of the best tools to keep you mindful as you work to live your passion is the Bi-Weekly Life Assessment.


(Source: Keeping Your Smile by Jeff A. Johnson, Redleaf Press, 2010)

Remember, your mindset isn’t only important for your health, it is important for all of the children in your care. If you are taking care of yourself you will be more capable of taking care of others and you will be teaching children some invaluable lessons on positivity and security.

Get more tools and insight from Keeping Your Smile or getting the two book set that also includes Finding Your Smile Again

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