Happy Read Across America Day!

Each year on Dr. Seuss’s birthday, March 2, educators, families, children, and book lovers of all ages join forces for Read Across America Day. This annual program was started in 1998 to motivate children in every community to celebrate reading and keep reading all year long.

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A few ideas for the big day:

  • Issue a reading challenge to the children in your care
  • Host a readathon with fun books, reading related activities, and, of course, literary inspired snacks
  • Throw a party for Dr. Seuss himself

Check out the National Education Association website for even more ideas and follow along with all the activities online with the hashtag #readacrossamerica

There are also several things you can do to keep the encouragement going year round.

  • Nurture print awareness by creating a print-rich environment: use signs to label objects, have children find their names as they enter the classroom, and a news bulletin board with big topics for the week or month
  • Create a library center that kids will enjoy spending time in. Comfortable seating, pillows, and a variety of books for all different interests.
  • Provide opportunities for functional reading such as a calendar of events, recipes, instructions for completing helpers’ jobs
  • Give children plenty of opportunities to write. Help them create birthday cards for family members or story starters and encourage picture writing.
  • Connect in-class literacy experiences to the home and the community. Point out to children everyday reading that family members do such as reading the newspaper, recipes, or the mail. On walks point out signs, addresses, and advertising. Offer opportunities for families to send in favorite stories or get involved reading in the classroom.
  • Read aloud to children EVERY DAY!

Source: Lessons for Literacy, Redleaf Press, 2010

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