Sneak Peek: Individualized Child-Focused Curriculum: A Differentiated Approach

You sit in a room full of ten children wondering how to get each child engaged in the next activity. It is appropriate for the age group and where they are at developmentally, but that doesn’t mean each child will fully engage and benefit from the exercise.

Amelia is interested in bears, Cora loves trains, and Jeremy talks only about dinosaurs these days. Is there a way to work each of these interests into the activity so each child fully engages and learns the skills presented?

Well, you are on the right track by knowing what each child is interested in and capable of. Now you just need a little help taking the next few steps of making your curriculum individualized and child focused.

Bringing together the information you have about each child, as well as knowing where to dig a little deeper, is all part of what early childhood consultant Gaye Gronlund calls Developmental Studies. This new tool has already received fantastic feedback from the pilot group that field tested it and will go on to benefit teachers and children who use the program for years to come.

We invite you to check out an excerpt from Gaye’s new book, Individualized Child-Focused Curriculum: A Differentiated Approach to get an idea of how this can be implemented in your own program and how you can support children’s learning in a positive way and reconnect with the joy that brought you into teaching to begin with.

Individualized Child-Focused Curriculum

Excerpt: Individualized Child-Focused Curriculum: A Differentiated Approach

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