Picture Science: Cameras and inquiry based learning

s.t.e.m.ICONChildren love nature and they love photos so why not combine the two to celebrate Nature Photography Day. Of course, the other thing kids love is asking questions so why not throw a little science inquiry into the mix?

Let some of those questions guide the group to explore a topic in nature and use the camera as part of the data collection process.



The Process of Inquiry

the process of inquiry

Why the camera?

Even though young children may not be able to read yet, they can gather a lot of information from photos. This makes digital photography a “very effective teaching tool for enriching and enhancing children’s visual learning.”

Just a few more reasons:

  • Photographs make concepts visible and can make abstract themes more concrete
  • Photography expands children’s sense of time by making a prior experience otherwise forgotten available to them again.
  • Photography supports language development by encouraging children to articulate what they are seeing.
  • Photography can support the overall curriculum and be used in any subject.
  • Skill with photography can last children a lifetime.

Here is a sample activity to get you going . . .

Source: Picture Science, Redleaf Press, 2007

Source: Picture Science, Redleaf Press, 2007

Find out more about using digital photography for science inquiry in Picture Science: Using Digital Photography to Teach Young Children

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