NAEYC Governing Board member reviews new Deb Curtis & Margie Carter book

In the new, full-color, edition of Learning Together with Young Children: A Curriculum Framework for Reflective Teachers, Second Edition Deb Curtis and Margie Carter make visible the thought processes of teachers and children based on detailed observations and individual or collective reflections that result in taking action to change or improve existing teaching practices, the learning environment and the curriculum in public and private school settings. The authors excel in making connections between educational theories and teaching practice with a strong emphasis on teachers’ values, ideas and reflections as a driving force to support children’s dispositions to learning and co-constructing new knowledge. Learning Together with Young Children, Second Edition offers wonderful examples from a wide array of early childhood education programs where children’s voices are valued and teacher’s voices are recognized as integral to move the teaching profession forward.

“[Deb Curtis and Margie Carter] excel in making connections between educational theories and teaching practice.”

Drawing from the latest discoveries on brain development, holistic education, anti-bias curricula, and teacher research this book is a must-have for new or experienced early childhood educators, coaches, administrators and policy makers. It offers inspirational stories from real classrooms where school communities have transformed not only their environments, but the way they envision the educational experience for young children and their families. In many ways, the ideas in this book invite the reader to re-envision schools as early childhood hubs for collaborative learning and family engagement systems where children, parents, teachers, trainers, administrators, and community members undertake new leadership roles to ensure that all children are bound for success in their educational journey.

“A must-have for new or experienced early childhood educators, coaches, administrators and policy makers.”

In the current educational landscape, it is imperative we become reflective practitioners to unfold the values that guide our decision-making process towards creating sustainable school environments where children, teachers and families become agents of change. This beautifully illustrated book is a great resource for anyone looking for inspiration and ideas on how to become a reflective early childhood educator and advocate for memorable, educational experiences for young children based on meaningful observations, inquiry and action.

By Isauro M. Escamilla
Early Childhood Educator, San Francisco Unified School District

Lecturer, San Francisco State University
NAEYC Governing Board member


Deb Curtis and Margie Carter are both internationally regarded ECE consultants, and bestselling co-authors of seven books including Designs for Living and Learning, The Visionary Director, and Reflecting in Communities of Practice. They are the co-founders of Harvest Resources Associates.

Deb has spent the past 35-years working with children and teachers in early childhood programs. She has observed and studied children along with the teaching and learning process in North America, New Zealand and Australia. She has continued as a teacher of young children along with working with adults.

Margie has been a preschool and kindergarten teacher, a child care director, college instructor, author and contributor to Child Care Exchange for several decades. With other Harvest Resources Associates, she co-leads study tours to Aotearoa New Zealand.

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