2 Redleaf Press books win Brain Child Award!

Congratulations to our winners!

Beyond the Flannel Board: Story-Retelling Across the Curriculum by M.SusanMcWilliams and Baby Steps to STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Activities by Jean G. Barbre both received the Brain Child Award from Tillywig Toy & Media Awards.


The feedback from the judges was extraordinary.

Marvelously fresh and insightful . . . Cover to cover, it’s an enjoyable, highly instructive read.

“This marvelously fresh and insightful book places story retelling front and center as an educational tool through which a host of essential skills can be promoted in young children: enhanced vocabulary, communication, and comprehension skills, improved conceptual thinking, social-emotional development, numbers, STEM skills, and more! The book is carefully structured in two parts, the first of which delves into key concepts and benefits of story retelling. Part 2 elaborates on how to implement story retelling with preschoolers and provides strategies with which teachers can easily integrate such activities into their everyday classroom routines. These two main sections are subdivided into four well-organized chapters apiece and loaded with real-world examples that make the material easy to absorb and apply. Cover to cover, it’s an enjoyable, highly instructive read that paves the way for teachers to help young students get the most out of the story retelling experience.

Baby Steps to STEM‘s high quality of writing and excellent organizational structure are a pleasure to behold . . . an indispensable resource every parent, teacher and caregiver should read.

Baby Steps to STEM is an extraordinarily well-written and accessible guidebook on how to provide children from birth to age three with learning experiences that form an optimal foundation for STEM learning. The first three chapters offer readers a concise yet remarkably expansive background on principles and concepts relating to early childhood learning and development. The balance of the book consists of 60 play-based, developmentally appropriate activities, each of which targets specific STEM learning and development opportunities. Each activity includes extensions, inquiry questions, and tips to help parents strengthen children’s learning at home, organized in an easy to absorb 2-page per activity format. Baby Steps to STEM‘s high quality of writing and excellent organizational structure are a pleasure to behold, while the insights and activities that grace page after page make it an indispensable resource every parent, teacher and caregiver should read.”

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