RLP Teachers’ Choice Award winners: Professional Development

Two Redleaf Press books receive 2018 Teacher’s Choice Awards in Professional Development!

Redleaf Press; $24.95

Team Teaching in Early Childhood: Leadership Tools for Reflective Practice by Uniit Carruyo

From the judges:

“Very user friendly . . . Being able to copy the reflection pages makes the book a real tool for team improvement.”

“I learned ways to give feedback in new and positive ways.”

“It gave me a better framework for what I know and believe about working as a team.

“I have applied this product in my classroom to help build better communication skills among my co-teachers, myself, and the families we serve.”

Redleaf Press; $34.95

Individualized Child-Focused Curriculum by Gaye Gronlund

From the judges:

“As a 25 year veteran teacher it is not often that I find a book that can teach me so much.”

“I was given amazing strategies to ensure that every child in my class experiences the same educational opportunities.”

“I appreciated many aspects of this product . . . well organized and easy to read . . . practical and easy to implement strategies for individualizing the curriculum . . . all of the forms . . . the examples that were given depicting various situations/problems in the classroom and how they were solved were extremely valuable.”

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