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Emergency Medical Services for Children tips and resources

Children are not little adults and this is especially true when it comes to treating them in emergency medical situations. That is why EMSC (Emergency Medical Services for Children) has been working with medical facilities at the local, state, and … Continue reading

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Empowering tomorrow’s storytellers with early literacy

Children love to tell stories. From the time they learn their first words they begin telling you stories about what they see and think. They might be short stories of only a few words or long winding stories once they … Continue reading

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The Bumblebee—A Movement Activity + Song for Toddlers

Toddlers need—and love—to move! Young children are ready to use their muscles and minds as they stretch, dance, wiggle, explore, and move. In this fun activity, children pretend to be bumblebees buzzing around the room. As you sing the song, … Continue reading

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Seven Animal-Based Authentic Learning Experience Ideas

From family pets and wild animals to toys, stuffed animals, and media portrayals, animals are a central part of every child’s landscape. What is it that makes animals so appealing to children, and how can you use that interest to … Continue reading

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Dig Into Our Latest Release!

What’s blooming at Redleaf Press? Gardening with Young Children, that’s what! Our latest release is packed with information and inspiration to help you immerse children in gardening and outdoor learning experiences—green thumb or a perfect plot of land not required. … Continue reading

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Celebrate Our New Children’s Books!

Hey, Twin Citians and friends planning to be in the area: Join us on April 19 as we celebrate our new line of children’s books. It’ll be fun for all ages and features story time with author Mike Huber, giveaways, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Silently Watching by Tamar Jacobson, PhD

We’re very happy to welcome back a familiar face around these parts. Guest blogger Tamar Jacobson, PhD, is sharing another insightful post—this one on the complex, delicate, and critical dynamics of interpersonal communication between children and adults. In addition to … Continue reading

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